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[2019-11-16]the main project of MVIP dc power transmission project in the Philippines was fully startedmore

[2019-11-14] "in power express line ", jiangsu wuxi to optimize the power business environment to promote 20 measuresmore

[2019-11-12]China's two major power grid projects broke the world record againmore

The Zhundong to southern Anhui project is the world's most advanced dc transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technology, which has refreshed the new height of world power grid technology.more

[2019-11-6]Since Nov. 11 is a carnival shopping festival, every year, I am so excited that I can't fall asleep. Even if I don't participate in this big project, it seems that I am immersed in it.There are 5 days left for singles' day. Are you ready?Ready to snap up?more

[2019-11-2]ISO 9001 is a translation of the world's first quality management system standard BS 5750 (written by BSI), the world's most mature quality framework to date, being used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries/territories worldwide.ISO 9001 sets standards not only for the quality management system, but also for the overall management system.It helps organizations achieve success through improved customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and continuous improvement.more

[2019-11-2]Qi is the world's first standardization organization to promote wireless charging technology - "wireless charging" standard launched by Wireless Power Consortium (hereinafter referred to as "the alliance"), which has two characteristics of convenience and versatility.more

[2019-10-25]"2019 national manufacturing powerhouse construction experts BBS (ningbo)" was held in ningbo, zhejiang province, from the national manufacturing powerhouse construction strategic advisory committee on BBS, the Chinese academy of engineering, director of the former dean of alms place, according to the Chinese academy of engineering recently to 26 kinds of manufacturing industry in the industrial safety assessment, the results showed that 60% of China's manufacturing industry chain safe and controllable, part of the industry to foreign dependence, among them, 6 class industry independently controllable, accounted for 23%;10 industries are controllable, accounting for 38.5% of the total.2 industries are highly dependent on foreign countries, accounting for 0.77%.8 industries are highly dependent on foreign more

[2019-10-23][wire and cable network]The world's renewable electricity supply is growing faster than expected and could grow by 50% in the next five years, driven by a revival in solar power.The world is expected to add 120 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2024.(

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Dongguan LANO Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, after years of development, is a professional engaged in all kinds of DC power cord, USB cable, waterproof cable, terminal line, lifting and pressure line, computer peripheral wire research and development and production of enterprises.Have ISO 9001;2015 quality management system and CE, FCC, ISO, RoHS and TUV certification, and do export business for many years.Lanao electronics has been adhering to the principle of customer demand, focus on the international market at the same time, but also gradually expand the domestic market, for more than 400 customers to provide products and services, the company's integrity, strength and product quality recognized by the industry, gradually establish a good brand.The company not only provides professional product supply services, but also established a perfect after-sales service system, to provide guidance and help for the problems and difficulties encountered in the production and sales of enterprises.We believe that through our continuous efforts and pursuit, we will be able to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with the majority of customers, looking forward to more communication and communication with you.

We provide services: electronic product development design, production;Product sales, after-sales service.

Our products are divided into DC power cord, USB cable, terminal wire, rubber wire, waterproof wire, lifting and pressure wire, d-tap wire and type-c wire.