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[2020-4-28]LG Innotek sells parts of its LED business, Seoul semiconductor and others
LG Innotek has decided to sell its LED business and transfer the goodwill of its backlit LED business to Wooree E&L and Seoul semiconductor, industry sources confirmed Thursday. Backlit leds are the light source necessary to produce LCD panels and are used in laptops, monitors and televisions.
Wooree E&L received goodwill from LG Innotek for all backlit leds used in laptops, monitors, signage (billboards) and some backlit leds used in TVS. The goodwill here is the right to supply LG electronics, dell and HP through LG Display.more

[2020-4-22]Why are Mini leds so popular?

Mini LED is rapidly become a high-frequency words, from the upper reaches of the LED chip manufacturers, to the downstream of the LED packaging manufacturer, to the application of the display screen system manufacturers, such as to TV computer terminal consumer electronics manufacturers, are talking about the Mini LED, even fight, human and other resources to invest a lot of money on the Mini LED rock.
For example, TCL technology, which changed its name from TCL group, has a remarkable joint laboratory of micro-led display technology, and li dongsheng is even more outspoken: "Mini LED is our highlight this year." Other giants such as hisense, asus, innolux, au and boe have launched Mini LED backlight or similar technologies for TVS, monitors, VR and car displays. What pushed the Mini LED into the spotlight of the optoelectronic display industry?more

[2020-4-15]Tip: how to verify the reliability of LED power supply

1. Describe several index forms of input voltage affecting output voltage(1) voltage stabilizing coefficient absolute voltage stabilizing coefficient K means that when the load is unchanged, the ratio of the output dc voltage change of the stabilized power supply Uo and the input network voltage change Ui, that is, K = △Uo / △Ui. The relative voltage stabilizing coefficient S represents the ratio of the voltage regulator output dc voltage Uo relative change Uo/Uo to the input network voltage Ui relative change Ui/Ui when the load is unchanged, that is, S = △Uo/Uo / △Ui/Ui. more

[2020-4-10]Cable protection tube performance and application

At present, the fire cable on the market, from the insulation material is mainly divided into two categories, namely magnesium oxide insulation fire cable and mica mineral composite insulation fire cable.more

[2020-4-1]Stmicroelectronics USB - C controller IC products series products, applies only to 5 v electric equipment,STUSB4500L is stmicroelectronics USB - C controller IC products newly launched a small packaging products, its design and the certificate is only applicable to 5 v electric equipment, integrated with a USB - C interface connector used for 5 v universal power required necessary function.more

[2020-3-26]Performance and application of cable protection tube

With the continuous development of the electric power industry, the cable has been widely promoted in the construction and transformation of the county power grid.There are three methods for laying cable lines: one is direct laying, the other is cable tunnel laying, and the third is through pipe laying.Direct buried laying is characterized by good heat dissipation, simple construction, less investment, but maintenance is not convenient, easy to corrosion and external mechanical damage;Although it is convenient to lay the cable tunnel, it occupies large underground space and costs a lot.The use of pipeline laying, simple construction, investment saving, convenient maintenance, can be buried in advance, can avoid the impact of other underground pipelines on the cable itself.The usage amount of cable protection pipe is increasing day by day in power network construction and transformation engineering, but there are many kinds of cable protection pipes with different performance, so the choice of cable protection pipe is more important.more

[2020-3-23]Development of high flexible fireproof cable and its precast branch

With the development of the society, the scale of the city continues to expand, high-rise buildings continue to emerge, the number of important buildings continue to increase.The fire caused by electrical lines, especially the huge fire accident, is shocking and endangers the safety of life and property, while some of the heavy casualties and the huge impact of the fire, often lead to a series of social problems and accountability.Once the fire occurs, the rescue is extremely important, fire pumps, fire smoke, emergency lighting, fire elevator and other rescue equipment have become the security of escape, and these guarantees of the "lifeline" is -- fire cable.Due to the frequent and serious consequences of fire, countries pay more and more attention to the performance of fire retardant cable and test that table 1 illustrates some countries and regions of fire retardant cable structure and test conditions, can be seen from table 1 GB, IEC, BS, AS the standard to test the performance of fire retardant cable, the requirement of the BS and harsh AS two kinds of test conditions.China's fire cables mainly implement the national standards, fire performance requirements through BS 6387 or BS8491 fire resistance + vibration + spray fire resistance test. more

[2020-3-18]How to detect cable ground fault

The cable ground wire can reliably realize the reliable grounding of the mobile substation box. When the ground wire of the cable breaks, the mobile substation is in an unreliable grounding state. At this time, in case of single-phase grounding fault of the cable, because the ground wire of the cable is in a broken and unreliable grounding state, the voltage of the ground wire directly rises to the system phase voltage, and one end of the ground wire is connected with the case of the box transformer. more